Materialize v0.29


  • Fix a bug where implicit type casts prevented indexes from being used (#15476).

  • Improve Materialize’s ability to use indexes when comparing column expressions to literal values, particularly in cases where e.g. col_a was of type VARCHAR:

    SELECT * FROM table_foo WHERE col_a = 'hello';
  • Fix a bug that prevented using pre-existing topics with multiple partitions in Kafka sinks (#15609). Previously, the sink would use the default Kafka cluster configuration also for pre-existing topics, instead of the user-configured number of partitions.

  • Improve ordering for joins that have filters applied to their inputs. This leads to an order of magnitude performance improvement in cases with highly selective filters (#15120).

  • Treat some errors as transient instead of fatal in the PostgreSQL source. Errors that would previously set the source into an error state will now retry (#15200).

  • Allow users to create indexes on system objects to optimize the performance of troubleshooting queries.

  • Include indexes created on system objects when running the SHOW INDEXES command if the IN CLUSTER clause is specified.

  • Add a TPCH load generator source, which implements the TPC-H benchmark specification.

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