Materialize v0.32


  • Add support for replicating tables that contain unsupported types in the PostgreSQL source, using the new TEXT COLUMNS option:

    CREATE SOURCE mz_source
      FROM POSTGRES CONNECTION pg_connection (
        PUBLICATION 'mz_source',
        TEXT COLUMNS (tbl.col_of_unsupported_type)
    WITH (SIZE = '3xsmall');

    Any columns specified via this option will be treated as text in Materialize regardless of the original PostgreSQL type. Examples of unsupported types that can now be ingested are enum, arbitrary precision numeric, money, and citext.

  • Improve error message for unexpected or mismatched type catalog errors, specifying the catalog item type:

    DROP VIEW mz_table;
    ERROR:  "materialize.public.mz_table" is a table not a view
  • Fix a bug in the #>> jsonb operator that caused an error when specifying an array index that does not exist, instead of returning NULL (#15978).

  • Fix a bug where relations in pg_catalog and information_schema would contain information about all databases, rather than just the current database (#15841).

  • Private preview. Add support for AWS PrivateLink connections, which establish links to AWS PrivateLink services.

Patch releases


  • Stabilize the performance of ad hoc SELECT statements against unindexed objects in large clusters (#16090).

  • Fix a bug that caused query performance on unindexed objects to slowly degrade over time (#16127).

  • Fix a bug in predicate pushdown that could result in incorrect query plans (#16147).

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