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Supported Tools Overview

Production-level support

Tool Purpose
Docker Easily deploy Materialize and other required infrastructure.
Debezium Propagate change data capture (CDC) data from an upstream database to Materialize.

Beta-level support

Beta-level support means that there may be small performance issues and minor missing features, but Materialize supports the major use cases for this tool. You can file bug reports or feature requests for Materialize integration with these tools here.

Tool Purpose What’s missing?
dbt Create views and materialized views in your Materialize instance using dbt Full dbt-materialize adapter support is a work in progress.
Redpanda Set up Redpanda as a data source. Kafka offsets are ignored.

Alpha-level support

Alpha-level support means that some of our community members have made this integration work, but we haven’t tested it ourselves and can’t guarantee its stability.

Tool Purpose What’s missing?
Metabase Create business intelligence dashboards on top of your Materialize data Running Metabase cleanly, without our forked changes, requires further pgjdbc support.
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