Materialize v0.28


  • Use static IPs when initiating connections from sources and sinks. You can use these IPs in your firewall configuration to authorize connections from your Materialize region.

  • Improve the syntax for CREATE CONNECTION. The FROM keyword was replaced with TO, and the option list must now be enclosed in parenthesis.

    New syntax

    CREATE CONNECTION kafka_connection TO KAFKA (
      BROKER '',
      SASL USERNAME = 'foo',
      SASL PASSWORD = SECRET kafka_password

    Old syntax

    CREATE CONNECTION kafka_connection FOR KAFKA
      BROKER '',
      SASL USERNAME = 'foo',
      SASL PASSWORD = SECRET kafka_password;

    The old syntax is still supported for backwards compatibility, but its use is discouraged.

  • Improve the usability of the EXPLAIN command. For an overview of the new EXPLAIN syntax, check the updated documentation.

  • Include all indexes when running the SHOW INDEXES command, regardless of the number of columns. Previously, SHOW INDEXES would omit any indexes with 0 columns.

  • Include all indexes when a schema is specified using SHOW INDEXES ON. Previously, the command would not correctly display existing indexes in non-active schemas.

  • Add a default index for all SHOW commands in the mz_introspection cluster. For the best performance when executing SHOW commands, switch to the mz_introspection cluster using:

    SET CLUSTER = mz_introspection;
  • Correctly use the char type for pg_type.typcategory. Previously, typcategory used the text type, which caused errors in language drivers that expect the documented char type, like sqlx.

  • Add the mz_introspection system cluster to support efficiently serving common introspection queries.

  • Add the mz_system system cluster to support various internal system tasks.

  • Breaking change. Change the type of a materialized view in the mz_objects relation from materialized view to materialized-view, for consistency with how multi-word types are represented elsewhere in the catalog.

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