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Using Debezium

Debezium works with Materialize in two capacities:

For the best experience using Debezium, we recommend following the guidelines outlined here.

PostgreSQL settings

Materialize relies on Debezium’s CDC envelope (which expresses changes to data) to understand all CRUD-like operations happening in the upstream database.

For Debezium to emit the envelope Materialize expects when using PostgreSQL, the tables which you’re performing CDC on must have the parameter REPLICA IDENTITY FULL set.

For example:


Kafka-less setup

Users who wish to connect a database to Materialize without having to use Kafka can do so with tb. tb is a tool built by Materialize that lets you send Debezium data to Materialize using Avro OCF files, bypassing the need for Kafka. For more information and instructions, see tb’s GitHub page.

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